A ‘gathering place’ surprise

As part of the controversial ‘My Ness’ art project, The Highland Council proposed demolishing and rebuilding the anglers’ hut at the Little Isle, a popular pool for salmon anglers. The hut is close to the planned wall of the ‘My Ness Gathering Place’ and could impede construction of the project. 

Original discussions between Inverness Angling Club and council officials had indicated that the council would bear the cost of demolishing the hut and rebuilding it on a site just metres from the existing building. The club was surprised and horrified when officials brought forward plans for a hut costing £53,000. Outline plans drawn up by the club confirmed that the hut could be rebuilt for around £7,000 using club volunteers with the necessary skills.

The hut has been in its present position, in various forms, for some 100 years. It is heavily used by anglers, including visitors from far and wide who make a significant contribution to the city’s tourism earnings. Club officials are continuing talks with the council in the hope that more realistic plans can be concluded for the hut’s replacement.

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