Be safe on the water

Be aware….!

Rivers and lochs are potentially dangerous places - something that anglers all too often forget or ignore. It’s important for all of us to be aware of the risks and the needs of other water users, and to use waterways sensibly. The following document provides some useful advice for all water users:


Be safe….!

Ever had a bit of a slip when wading the river? Most of us have but few of us wear buoyancy aids to avoid potential disaster. Inverness Angling Club reminds anglers to wear buoyancy aids at all times when fishing. Failure to do so is at their own risk. 

Many of us feel that lifejackets interfere with casting, but modern versions are much less restrictive and are available from around £30. And if you do have and use a lifejacket, make sure you get it checked regularly so that it does the job it’s designed to do when you most need it.

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