Little Isle base for refreshed ‘Gathering Place’

The Highland Council have unveiled plans for an alternative ‘Gathering Place’ to replace the abandoned proposals for a ‘Tilting Pier’ below the Infirmary bridge. Not surprisingly, the new proposals centre upon an existing ‘Gathering Place’ - the popular Little Isle Pool where anglers, non-anglers, walkers and visitors regularly meet and talk.

The design is based on a circular wall of varying height embracing both sides of the river - the Bught and Island Bank Road banks. Designers Sans Façon & OSA recognise that “people’s love and pride for their river is deeply felt and quite rightly jealously guarded.” 

They go on: “The structure creates a monument to the river, a monument in a new sense, no longer only about the things that are important to remember but as the things that are important to keep and protect, as a space to celebrate the sense of place, to interact and to perhaps see the familiar anew. A limelight for the theatre of the river.”

Inverness Angling Club president Graham MacKenzie said: “We are delighted to be part of the ongoing consultation in relation to the proposed new ‘My Ness’ plan for artwork along the River Ness. The club are engaged in dialogue with both Highland Council, who will lead the project, along with the artists Sans façon & OSA. This ongoing dialogue will ensure the interests of all parties are met and we look forward to a positive and eye-catching outcome.”


Gathering Place: The Little Isle, Bught bank

Gathering Place: The complete picture

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