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Membership of Inverness Angling Club is open to adults and under 18s in the City of Inverness and the adjacent areas of Smithton, Culloden, Balloch and North Kessock. Associate membership is available to anglers outwith this area and the club enjoys the support of members from Aberdeenshire to Essex, Sutherland to Dorset and Kilmarnock to Kent.

Exchange permits and other fishings are also available to members, offering access to a variety of rivers and lochs in the Highlands and north-east of Scotland. [Click here for details].

For visitors, the club offers daily and weekly visitor tickets which are available from Graham’s Tackle Shop in Castle Street, Inverness. And you can book in advance through FishPal or by contacting an official of the club.

Please note that Scottish law requires permits for game fishing, but a separate rod licence is not necessary. Anglers must carry their permits while fishing and, if asked, show them to a bailiff, river watcher or other permit holder on production of their authority card or permit.

Membership fees 2018 

All of the following membership categories must apply to the membership secretary enclosing the appropriate application form and fee: 

Special offer entry       £100 for local anglers who have not been members in the last five years

                                    Download PDF File or Download Word File

Adult (21 and over)     £150 for renewing membership after a break of less than five years

                                    Download PDF File or Download Word File

Associate male            £150 Download Associate PDF File or Download Associate Word File

Associate lady             £75 Use Associate male file

Intermediate               £50 New intermediate member (age 18, 19 and 20)

                                    Download PDF file or Download Word file

All current members can renew their membership at Graham’s tackle shop. Please take your present membership card with you. Current associate members should renew directly with Gordon Smith, Membership Secretary, Inverness Angling Club, 8 West Heather Gardens, Inverness IV2 4DZ, sending a note with the appropriate fee. Fees are:

Adult (21 and over)     £150

Intermediate               £50 (aged 18, 19, 20)

Lady                           £75

Concessionary            £75 (at age 65 with 12 years consecutive adult membership)

Junior (under 18)         Free membership

Sea trout ticket            £20 Estuary Beat (limited to area from Black Bridge to the sea)

Visitor fees 2018

February 1 to May 31, £15 per day, £75 per week

June 1 to October 15, £25 per day, £125 per week

Juniors (under 18) £10 all season.

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